What is SaveOurFaves?

SaveOurFaves is a directory of restaurants and coffee shops that offer online gift cards for purchase. It's our hope that by providing this resource, we'll be able to mobilize loyal customers to provide much-needed support for their favorite places in town.

Who built this? Und why?

I'm Christian Peukert, a foodie based in Zurich. My day-job is at the university (see my research website here). With the lockdown in Germany and Switzerland, I am worried about the future of the many great local businesses that we have. How can we support them without being able to physically visit the places? Inspired by Kaitlyn & Mike Krieger's Projekt in San Francisco, I wanted to do the same in Germany and Switzerland. I messaged them and Mike gave me permission to copy. Then I asked my friends for help: Anil Özdemir, Claudius Gutemann, Sudeep Vellookunnel, Sabrina Waibel, Marco Samsinger, Olivia Gysin, Johanna Seeliger, Katja Wilhelm, Katrin Winiarski, Theresa Langenmayr, Sarah Mundt, Reinhold Kesler and many more. Thank you very much!

You can contact me with any questions about the site at info@saveourfaves.ch. The impressum / legal notice (in German) can be found here.


This project wouldn't be launched without the help of our local and global communities. You rock!! Claudius Gutemann, Olivia Gysin, Patrick Haller, Darienne Hunziker , Peter Metzinger, Anil Özdemir, Zlatina Paneva-Aboud, Sarah Mundt, Nadja Müller, Anais Sägesser (or 2, 3, 4), Marco Samsinger, Johanna Seeliger, Sudeep Vellookunnel, Sabrina Waibel, Katja Wilhelm, Katrin Winiarski, Servan Grüninger, Maria Vivas, Hannes Ulrich, Stephanie Jost, Lea Grüter.